Both downfall and natural event are perfect... if you cognize what their circumstantial job is.

Of pedagogy we cognize that glory is good, but why? Success is upright because it confirms property for us.

Success confirms our campaign.

Success confirms our decisions.

Success confirms our raw materials.

Success confirms our strategies.

Success confirms our hunches.

Success confirms our alliance.

Success confirms our risks.

Success confirms a lot of things!

So once you are successful, ask yourself the ensuing question:

What does this natural event validate in my mind?

Now, what around failure? What is the office of disaster and how in the international can it be GOOD?

Failure's function is to educate us. We swot from ruin.

Failure teaches us that we have need of to renovation our procedure.

Failure teaches us that we stipulation to swing our decisions.

Failure teaches us that we call for to switch our raw materials.

Failure teaches us that we demand to evolution our strategies.

Failure teaches us that we requirement to make over our hunches.

Failure teaches us that we status to variation our teamwork.

Failure teaches us that we requirement to conversion our risks.

Failure teaches us that we have need of to amend a lot of things!

But at smallest now we cognise one much state of affairs that won't work! With every failure, we swot up one more way we can pass over and focussing in on what may be the word-perfect way in the future! When we outer shell at it that way, we set ourselves up for a extremely palmy future! So once you fail, ask yourself this question: What does this disappointment guide me?

Remember, Success and Failure are some virtuous. They can both be your partner... If you cognise what role they are to romp in your energy. Learn From Failure and Confirm next to Success.



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