If you've been using MySQL information to stockpile your consequential data, it is exigent that you engender a backup of your data to obviate any loss of collection. This nonfiction shows you how to accumulation and give back aggregation in your MySQL information. This course of action can too be nearly new if you have to transfer your background to a new dining-room attendant.

Backing up your database

The fastest and easiest way to accretion and recall your information would be to use MySQLDump. If you've got layer or telnet right to your server, you can accumulation MySQL background by supplying the mysqldump order. The sentence structure for the bidding is as follows.

mysqldump -u [uname] -p [pass] [dbname] > [backupfile.sql] [uname] - this is your information username [pass]- this is the password for your database [dbname] - the baptize of your info [backupfile.sql] - the filename for your information backup

To accumulation your information 'Customers' with the username 'sadmin' and word 'pass21' to a data file custback.sql, you would reason the command

mysqldump -u sadmin -p pass21 Customers > custback.sql

Issuing this enjoin will accumulation the information to custback.sql. This record can be imitative to a invulnerable position or a accumulation media and hold on. For more hearsay on MySQLDump, you can keep an eye on out :

Restoring your database

If you have to re-build your database from scratch, you can glibly regenerate the mysqldump directory by issuance the subsequent to bidding. This modus operandi will not slog if the tables simply exist in your database.

mysql - u sadmin -p pass21 Customers http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/mysqlimport.html



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