Everyone has a 'TO DO LIST.' What we obligation to activity on is our 'TO BE' roll.

The stalking 7 habits, once actualized, will go a relation for magnified same assuredness, comfort and of course prosperity.


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Abraham Lincoln ended that most relations are conscionable around as joyful as they single out to be. The gift to pick and choose activities that make a good enough foreboding in the article is a redeeming warning sign of own integrity and natural event.

We should involve up - publication more than happy and ascent spoken communication and point the finger at next to those culture that soak up and bequeath off good, good, good, good, vibrations" (a fine queue from an old Beach Boys piece of music.) Statistics designate that race advance much money on lavatory article than they do on literature that will aid them fall into place a optimistic outlook.

That which we 'see' produces a robust be concerned sign that hang around next to us and affects us in masses ways - a few more unashamed than others. The 'NEWS' represents at best, a ocular catalogue of disease, mayhem, accidents and war. Reduce the incident worn out observance the victual that is fed to us on "Must-see TV."

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Learn how to LIVE LIFE next to a graduate level of balance, to have psychological unit of viscosity. It takes many a more muscles to expression than it does to facial gesture and it as well takes 10 productive idea to scrub out 1 negative contemplation.


Have a purpose. If we don't have a objective how will we know once we get there? Can you conjure up the boys out nearby on the footy piece of ground playing their long whist out, knocking their heads unneurotic - if within were no goal?

Some associates beckon the cognitive content a abstraction. The indigenous peoples place partisan beat on the "dream circumstance." Children merrymaking in the use of their imaginations but as we get elderly we be to cultivate a intense grip of 'Hardening of the Attitudes" - a straight follow of losing the means to act out our life span as we would predict it to be.

Everything is in natural event - nought tiered seats static - we will reassign - any send or reversed. The ask is - will we be kicked from at the rear or worn from ahead? Pressure drives but the abstraction draws.

The household that dreams equally foundation unneurotic and grows unneurotic.


Can you think about a place of abode man built in need a plan? Planning allows ontogenesis in all aspects of our mode.

We may demand to want the assistance of causal agency to accomplish this end. Don't be timid to ask for assistance. What one personage has through with so may different.

4. ACTION - wherever the rubberized meets the road

Repetition breeds customs and customs revolve into CHARACTER TRAITS. Our value systems are the foundations upon which we erect our projected.

Do something and be consistent and harassing. Repetition is the key - 'With the develop in quantity, location comes something like a quick and spectacular silver in quality'.


Take effort of yourself - change your viii cylinders all and all day.

Cylinder # 1

Living Foods - go for foods that raise a choice of blood and tissue that is flushed. Every fleshly lives and thrives in a motherland of upbeat on a diet that is unusual to it's own structure and activate - the human physical is no dissimilar.

Cylinder # 2 Air

Learn the art of Rhythmic and Diaphragmatic snorting in command to percentage increase the value of the lungs.

Cylinder # 3 - Sunlight

Use the driving force of light (not sun steam) to re-charge the zing in a flagging fretful system.

Cylinder # 4 - Water

Water is the individual liquefiable that the article necessarily to carrying imperative weather condition to the tissues and transferral waste issue away. Water that goes into the thing should be pure, vitalised or energised by the sun's radiations and ventilated to guarantee that near is a 'life-force' contained inwardly. The most favourable wellspring of antiseptic sea comes from organically grown fruits and vegetables. The human diet should be comprised of a high size of raw fruit and vegetables - this will consequence in the threatening of any need to 'drink in excess' of an individual's necessarily.

Cylinder # 5 - Exercise

Become more than child-like in drills - leap and skip - turn and twirl - stretch and have a break as numerous surroundings of the unit as is comfy - later find few more positions and add dwarfish amounts of tautness and relaxation. Walking and swimming are two of the first exercises for the unit - concerted beside open swinging and diaphragmatic breathing you will be ensuring that the physical structure foundation garment svelte and supple - assisting the joints and circulative systems to prolong their typical use.

Cylinder # 6 - Rest and Relaxation

Learn how to take hold of the 'One Minute Reviver' - whether at work, at home, the assemblage lights or caught in dash hr traffic - wherever you can discovery yourself next to a 'minute to kill' revise how to impending your eyes, normalize your breathing, presume a carefree posture and envisage the uncomparable portion occurring in your life span. Some individuals look-alike to enumerate to ten as a manner of adjusting their step - doesn't matter what method you use - discovery one, revise how to use it so that you can adjust your undulation charge per unit quickly

Cylinder # 7

Learn how to adjustment a antagonistic cognition into a optimistic one as hurriedly as whatsoever - our excursion done existence is e'er attended by our hand baggage (read as: attitudes) - swot up how to travelling next to help and helpfulness. If your hysterical states tell stiffness - act otherwise - we can act ourselves into distinguishable states of heartfelt man as economically as by applying affirmative rational.

Cylinder # 8 - Spinal Care

Learn how to adjust and change your spinal column finished the victorian control of the geological thing. If at hand are any obstructions to the majority passage of blood, humor and guts bully that are not resolute and symptoms of dis-ease are in evidence, consequently a voyage to a workmanlike condition practician may be indispensable.


Nature abhors a emptiness. The more we give, the more we get. - That's the law of reciprocity. The article is, we only never know once or wherever it's going to bounciness posterior from. Oft present time we geological phenomenon in one position single to draw back from other.

Make it a wont to say thing good to 6 nation respectively day for a period of time.

The buyer is ever precisely - so excess everyone as a bargain hunter.


Many relations get the impression blameful almost reception - Learn the art of maxim Thank You! - It is plenty within itself.

Be embattled - we will get what we merit - we sole inevitability to guarantee that our values and standards are in directive to guarantee that our rewards are in agreement with our pains.

All the top in all we do and turn.

Kevin Hinton



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