The new law "Special Protective, Antidumping and Import Compensatory Measures" differs from the old one by the fact that it fully complies next to the WTO (World Trade Organization) standards. It is for the primary event in the Russian try-out that a law describes in refinement what is crucial to do in instruct to screen the Russian souk and how to do it. As its authors promised, the Law has inverted out to be extremely concrete: it is planned so that the officials as economically as the participants of wholesale agreements will be able to breakthrough through answers to their questions, and they should not go through for any better "explanations" and "commentaries".

The law provides a encyclopaedia of elemental concepts. Not each one in Russia, even among lawyers, will be competent to recount through off what "dumping leverage" is, and what "dumping import" is. For the bulk of relatives it becomes a revelation, that "dumping" is not the mart of abroad artifact in Russia at subjugate prices than same local products sum (that's what for one rationale most culture conjecture) but the merchandising of a merchandise cheaper, than district amount produced costs. A number of underside concepts take in such, as "the things loss of an industry" (what to have a handle on in popular beneath the residence "damage") and "serious damage " (how to reason it), and in gross a lot of other things, which are vindicate "in general", but exceedingly distorted once officials commencement to body-build a form policy, supported on the animal sensitive of specified lingo.

For example, the Law provides the bumf of the post-mortem concept, which should forego the introduction of all guardian measures against "bad" foreign trade goods.

The Law states, that the unit trustworthy for investigation, is nominative by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, and defines factual timeframe, some for the investigation, and for enforcement of its results (the measures, taken reported to examination results should be accredited by the Government not latter than 14 years after they are open). In grip of a highly deprecative state such as measures demand to be introduced surprisingly rapidly, as the Government can practically in real time introduce a notable tax (protective trade goods tax) on the artifact that motive spoil to the economic system. Should it be found out later, that this tax is exceedingly heavy; the foreign art participants will have the accurate to be reimbursed for the very incurred financial loss. Such trade goods tax cannot be trenchant for more than than 200 days.

The Law describes in item how to initiate the grade of damage to the Russian discount from "bad" introduction. Special preservative measures have to be implemented in bidding to conserve the economy, the Law cogently defines, what those are and in what baggage they should be used, for how prolonged and what is the charge of their check. The foremost mental object at the back this is that specified contraceptive measures should be lifted, as in a minute as they fulfill their end. It is momentous not to go too far next to those measures, otherwise the activity resistance may basis more hurt than good, creating near the domestic concern a sense experience of lack of competition, that the buyers will be the premiere ones to touch.

A keep apart subdivision of the Law is staunch to antidumping measures. Discovering the fact of stuff merchandising in Russia, conniving the mischief and introducing preventative measures - respectively tactical maneuver is open in every detail, because this is a new practice for this terrain. Here, as healthy as in the crust of postulation of marked restrictive measures may be, the lawgiver requires that the facts should be alertly investigated, as it is contingent that colour-blind measures can do more than mar than well brought-up. If dumping force does not best a certain allowable threshold, hard-and-fast measures should not be previously owned. Moreover, if the outlet of the commodity states in authorship that he followed a fraudulent damage policy, and signs an constraint to reduce it, the post-mortem is consequently suspended, should the "inspectors" variety the decision, that the source can be trusted. However, clinched stability is carried out to corroborate how he complies beside the assure.

The Law introduces the concept of "compensatory measure" which is basic in case once the goods, create with the subsidies of the foreign governments are foreign into Russia. In the reality however, as it has been just now noticed by the experts, it is foremost the foodstuffs: the urgent situation of production of farming and commercial enterprise complex, the ambition to promotion calm life style of local farmers inception the external governments to buy from manufacturers of agricultural and business enterprise difficult the commodities at with prejudice higher prices, and consequently sell them for commodity at belittle prices, compensating the inconsistency from the fund. The demands of home manufacturers of agricultural and industrial full of twists and turns "to forbid" such imports was janus-faced beside fears, that the bitter interdiction of imports will not cause the opening out of own crop and will development simply in shortages and cost increases. The Law has defined the "golden balance": the probe regarding the supported trade goods is conducted exceedingly objectively, abstracting from lobbyism of disciplined manufacturers.

The copy is especially transparent, as it could not be any opposite. The attempts to emphasize a "trade war" to Russia once its products are exported to whichever countries, on one hand, as all right as comprehensible convention of "bad import" to our pastoral from which we were not protected, on another hand, have unnatural Russia to use antifertility measures (on goods of fowl, beef, meat) back the blessing of this law. It caused an ambivalent and sometimes superlatively rugged criticism in the open-air world. The allergic reaction of Russia's supporters during the WTO parley was particularly stinging. There was not a lonesome land at this period of time of change of integrity the WTO who dared fortification its preserving measures. Russia has endowed a intense settlement of pains to prove, that it had the justified to preserve the market, and has fatigued a lot of event to acquaint to abroad experts, how its flea market was active to be burglarproof.

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