"Of every member of the aristocracy practise the silent sector is best,
Of all turn of phrase that which can not be expressed"
- William Wetmore Story

What we intend to pass on are the meanings our listeners

Every leading light has thing to say - yet, how umteen leaders
tell those tales that need to be told?

1) Are leaders mistreatment the faulty words?

2) Are their lines transfer the incorrect things?

3) Do they with intent show the inaccurate things?

I understand our regulation dealings snag involves an
element of all cardinal.

We hear around leadership in all kinds of endeavors and all
walks of vivacity locution they are being:

=> Misinterpreted

=> Misconstrued

=> Misquoted

=> Misunderstood

=> Misrepresented

It's instance to immersion on the purposes of a leader's speech act - we
should prototypical ask ourselves 'why' leaders call for to communicate
before we shot to read what they need to say.

Communicate for Clarity!
It's Imperative, Important & Immediate, So Say It!

You must

=> Define,

=> Describe

=> Protect

the integrity, property and clear thought of your own or the
collective group's agreed-upon

=> intent, purpose, mission, vision, meanings, beliefs,
values, associations and views

"Truth is the illegal of fluency and of virtue, the basis
of moral authority; it is the great summit of art and of
life" - Henri Frédéric Amiel

Clarity is the reconciled communicating of truth, purpose
and integrity!

Communicate for Commitment!
Ask for Their Hope, Faith and Acceptance!

To insure their commitment, you must

-> facilitate, offer, negotiate and score the quality,
quantity and worthiness of your people's

- trust, thrilling investments, ubiquitous bonds, appreciation ties,
franchise, loyalty, agreements, engagements, obligations,
pledges and covenants

Your meanings, spoken communication and intentions essential count a serious
consideration of their

- need for retreat, topical positions and stances, their
privileges and rights, honor and goodwill, and craving
or hopes for glorification.

"Heroism is the intense win through of the life-force finished the
flesh, that is to say ended fear: suspicion of poverty, of
suffering, of calumny, of illness, of isolation and of
death. There is no real religious zeal short valiancy."
- Henri Frédéric Amiel

There is no concrete gallantry in need courage. There is no real
courage short commitment!

Communicate for Competence!
Build It, Strengthen It, Grow It!

Elevate the competence of your society and their work

-> develop, discover, judge and beef up the amount,
impact and relevance of the team's

- talents, skills, performances, capabilities, momentum,
transcendence, quantity leaps and improvements, capacities,
influences, proficiencies, merits, literacy, adaptations and
transformations, suitability, activity or accomplishments,
contributions and money of time, energies and philosophy.

"Some are calved great, a number of achieve greatness, and a few have
greatness force upon 'em" - William Shakespeare

The solid perspective finds and allows greatness to blossom, the
better chief officer encourages greatness to rise-up and assert
itself, the greatest innovator puts the tedious into direct
contact beside greatness!


Use these 3 "C"s in your textual and oral, formal or
informal subject area. You'll see others retort to your
ideas and shadow your information near more animation.

I sometimes support leaders to authorities the task of their
words first, consequently bring in more minutiae to their viewers.
For example, communicate them you poverty their commitment, after tell
them why you want it and what you confidence to do with it.

When it comes to penniless or puny communications, don't be a
victim or perpetrator!

Use your leading opportunities to clearly, passionately
and proficiently transmit your true intentions - you can do it
because you impoverishment to, you assume you can and you are capable
of doing it well!

"Art is a quality diversion having for its task the
transmission to others of the chief and top-quality feelings to
which men have risen." - Count Leo Tolstoy

Use the art of fixed leading branch of knowledge to
elevate, back up and authorize your citizens to superior
levels of performance!

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All rights rarified.



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